CAR Industry Briefings

CAR Industry Briefings are designed to educate auto industry participants, the media, and the general public on emerging critical industry challenges. Industry, government, and academic experts, along with CAR researchers, share their insight and knowledge to further understanding of some of the industry’s most complicated issues.

Attendees receive value from the session’s content, as well as the connections and discussions during the networking breaks.

Previous Industry Briefings

Implications of the 2019 UAW-Detroit Three Contract Negotiations

January 1, 2020  | 1:00 – 2:30 PM

A comprehensive discussion of the 2019 UAW agreements with GM, Ford, and FCA. This webinar will include:

  • The first in-depth look at CAR’s estimates of how UAW labor costs will change under the new agreements
  • A review of the negotiation process and lessons learned for other unionized employers—including a look at the historic, six-week UAW strike at GM
  • An examination of the key issues including the tiered wage structure, use of temporary workers, and health care costs along with investment and product allocation commitments
  • A discussion of implications of the new agreements for other automakers and suppliers



Kristin Dziczek  |  Vice President – Research, Center for Automotive Research

Martin Mulloy  |  Former Vice President of Labor Affairs, Ford, President, Mulloy Consulting

Arthur R. Schwartz |  Former General Director of Labor Relations, General Motors Corporation, President, Labor and Economics Associates, Inc.


Brent Snavely  | Director, Lambert & Co.

Accelerating Additive Manufacturing to Meet Future Mobility Needs

January 14, 2020  | 8:30 AM – Noon
Automation Alley | 2675 Bellingham Dr, Troy, MI 48083

Although the automotive industry has been at the forefront of many technological advancements, innovations in additive manufacturing (AM) have been led by the medical and aerospace industries. These AM innovations are now making their way into the mobility industry, and there are many pre-competitive technology developments that could benefit from the industry working together. AM can be used, both as a means of building end-use parts and as a way to add value to processes, such as tooling, that facilitate the adoption of new technologies in the factory ecosystem.

CAR Industry Briefings are designed to educate industry participants, the media, and the general public on emerging critical challenges.


Kevin Brigden  |  Applications Engineer, Additive Manufacturing Products Division (AMPD), Renishaw Inc.

Ryan Hahnlen  |  Senior Engineer, Strategic Research Operations, Honda R&D Americas, Inc.

Robert Hoglund |  Application Engineer – Solvers, Altair Engineering, Inc.  |  Download Presentation

Ellen C. Lee, Ph.D.  |  Technical Leader, Additive Manufacturing, Research & Advanced Engineering, Ford Motor Company

Jon Walker |  Automotive Specialist and Business Development Manager, EOS North America


Shashank Modi  | Research Engineer, Center for Automotive Research

Gary Vasilash  |  Editor-in-Chief, Automotive Design & Production Magazine

Bridging Detroit and Silicon Valley

March 5, 2019 | 10:00 AM – 5:30 PM
SAP Campus | 3410 Hillview Ave, Palo Alto, California

“Bridging Detroit and Silicon Valley” will draw closer ties between two major regions heavily invested in automotive and provide current information about the obstacles and opportunities facing the mobility industry. Utilizing both regions’ strengths, the two will need to continue to integrate and cooperate to produce successful solutions globally. Join CAR at the SAP campus in Palo Alto, CA as we bring industry insiders together to discuss the challenges and possibilities being tackled by experts in Michigan and California today.

CAR Industry Briefings are designed to educate industry participants, the media, and the general public on emerging critical challenges.

Keynote Speakers:

Moderator: Charlie Vogelheim  |  Principal, Vogelheim Ventures

Dr. Lance Zhou  |  Chief Executive Officer, Karma Automotive
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David Twohig  | Chief Vehicle Engineer, BYTON
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Understanding the North American Automotive Industry

Kristin Dziczek  |  Vice President – Industry, Labor, & Economics, Center for Automotive Research


Stephanie Brinley  |  Principal Automotive Analyst, IHS Markit
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Ed Kim  |  Vice President, Industry Analysis, AutoPacific, Inc.
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Colin Langan  |  Analyst, UBS
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MEDC Speaker:

Charlie Tyson  |  PlanetM Project Manager, Michigan Economic Development Corporation
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Lunch Keynote

Jim Davis  |  Director, Americas – Automotive Industry Business Unit , SAP
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Smart Mobility: The First Step Toward Smart Cities

Richard Wallace  |  Vice President – Transportation Systems Analysis, Center for Automotive Research


Nikhil Gupta  |  Site Director – Magna Autonomous Systems, Director – ADAS Software Features, Magna
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Dirk Remde  |  Executive Director, Research & Development Center Silicon Valley, Continental AG
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Frank Sgambati  | Director, Business Development – Smart City, North America, Robert Bosch LLC
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Mark Thomas  |  Vice President of Marketing and Alliances, Ridecell
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From Innovation to Implementation: Creating Automotive Grade Technology

Carla Bailo  |  President & CEO, Center for Automotive Research


Tommy Doran  |  Sr. Director, Market Development, Automotive, Hubject, Inc.
Hubject’sInteroperability Video

Plug & Charge Video

Simon Hougard  |  Innovation & Operations Director, Alliance Innovation Lab Silicon Valley at Renault -Nissan-Mitsubishi
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Peter Polit  |  Vice President and General Manager of Connected Vehicle Strategy and Business Development, SiriusXM
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Stephen Xu  |  Managing Principal, P3 North America
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What's In Store for the Auto Industry in 2019?

February 20, 2019 | 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Faurecia | 2800 High Meadow, Auburn Hills, 48326

U.S. auto sales beat most forecasts to end 2018 at 17.3 million units, but forecasters are not as optimistic about 2019. There are many risks to the 2019 automotive outlook: Will 2019 be the start of the economic downturn? How will U.S. trade policies affect the auto industry? Will regulatory and technological developments start to change what products are made and sold in North America?

This briefing will take a look at 2019 sales and production forecasts and get insights from leading industry experts on how the outlook could change this year.

CAR Industry Briefings are designed to educate industry participants, the media, and the general public on emerging critical challenges.


Kristin Dziczek  |  Vice President – Industry, Labor, & Economics, Center for Automotive Research – Download Presentation


Elaine Buckberg  |  Chief Economist, General Motors – Download Presentation

Michelle Krebs  |  Executive Analyst, Autotrader – Download Presentation

Joseph McCabe  |  President & CEO, AutoForecast Solutions LLC – Download Presentation

Mike Wall  |  Executive Director, Automotive Analysis, IHS Markit – Download Presentation

Artificial Intelligence Applications to Driver Assistance and Vehicle Automation
February 15, 2018  |  9:00 a.m. – Noon
Schoolcraft College, VisTaTech Center
18600 Haggerty Rd., Livonia, MI

Recent applications of digital technology combined with automotive industry expertise have produced impressive advancements in advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and automated driving systems (ADS). The increasing use of powerful artificial intelligence (AI) techniques promises to revolutionize the driving experience and mobility strategies even more broadly.

This event will feature expert speakers on the topic of AI in the automotive industry, discussing cutting-edge technologies expected to be integrated into production vehicles in the next two to five years. Topics will include guided machine learning, computer vision, sensor fusion, systems integration, validation, and more.


Dr. David J. Atkinson
Head, Systems & Technology and Chief Research Scientist – Artificial Intelligence
Chassis and Safety Division
Silicon Valley Research & Development Center
Continental Corporation

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Dr. William S. Mark
President, Information and Computing Sciences, SRI International

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Dr. Mitchell M. Rohde
Chief Executive Officer
Quantum Signal LLC

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Bill Veenhuis
Senior Solution Architect – CAE
NVIDIA Corporation

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Dr. Ryan Wolcott
Manager, Simultaneous Localization and Mapping, Toyota Research Institute

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About SRI

SRI is an independent, nonprofit research center that works with clients to take the most advanced R&D from the laboratory to the marketplace.  Serving government and industry, we collaborate across technical and scientific disciplines to generate real innovation and create high value for our clients.  For more than 70 years, we’ve led the discovery and design of ground-breaking solutions, technologies, targeting worldwide markets.

Specific to the automotive market, SRI’s R&D spans across: GPS, vehicle-to-vehicle communications, advanced safety, lane sensing, solid-state LIDAR, and more.  We partner with OEM and Tier-1 supplier clients to apply this IP to rapidly advance autonomous and connected vehicle development and deployment.

Cross-Border Collaboration: Driving Regional Competitiveness in Advanced Mobility
February 8, 2017
Schoolcraft College VisTaTech Center

This CAR Industry Briefing provided a forum for organizations leading the way to next-generation automotive and mobility technologies to present their latest developments and shed light on transportation of the future.


Thomas Bloor
Senior Manager, Global Business Development
QNX Software Systems

Hideki Hada
Executive Engineer, Active Safety
Electronics Systems Division
Toyota Technical Center
Toyota Motor North America
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Ross McKenzie
Managing Director
University of Waterloo Centre for Automotive Research (WatCAR)
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Kirk Steudle
Michigan Department of Transportation
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Richard Wallace
Director, Transportation Systems Analysis
Center for Automotive Research

Pathways to Engage K-12 Students in the Auto Industry
February 25, 2016
Henry Ford College M-TEC

This CAR Industry Briefing highlighted important lessons that can be learned from the interactions between K-12 STEM programs and their automotive industry sponsors with an emphasis on what works, and what is the benefit of involvement from industry’s perspective. Speakers shared their insights on how these programs help improve the broader educational and talent communities, and also identified how these programs can become more engaged with the automotive industry and be integrated into more schools across the state.


Ronda Alexander
Program Manager, STEM Initiatives, Ford Next Generation Learning
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Douglas E. Patton
Executive Vice President, Engineering Division, Chief Technical Officer, DENSO
Download Presentation >

Frank Norton III
Project Lead the Way
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Jason D. Lee
Executive Director, DAPCEP

Daphne V. Harris
Manager, Civic and Community Relations, FCA

Keysha Camps
Assistant Program Engineering Manager, Full Size Trucks, General Motors

Gail Alpert
President, FIRST in Michigan
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Valerie Jemerson
Departmental Specialist
State of Michigan, Workforce Development Agency
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Jeffrey Truitt
Vice President, K+S Services
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CAR's Comprehensive Update on the U.S. Auto Labor Market
June 23, 2015
Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago – Detroit Branch

This Briefing discussed the key competitive issues facing automakers and suppliers when it comes to attracting, developing and retaining talent, as well as the UAW contract negotiations with FCA US, Ford Motor Company, and General Motors.


Kristin Dziczek
Director, Industry & Labor Group and Assistant Research Director, Center for Automotive Research
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Download PM Presentation >

Dr. Sean P. McAlinden
Executive Vice President of Research and Chief Economist, Center for Automotive Research
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Dr. Arthur R. Schwartz
President, Labor and Economics Associates and former General Director of Labor Relations, General Motors
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Elaina Farnsworth
CEO, Mobile Comply

Christina Rogers
Automotive Reporter, The Wall Street Journal – Detroit Bureau

Karen Westrick
Manager/Educator, Kettering University

Shannon Dare
Ford Motor Company

Phil Callihan
Director, Strategic Projects & MIS, National Center for Manufacturing Sciences
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Connected and Automated Vehicles and the Cybersecurity Threat: How Industry is Responding
February 17, 2015
Schoolcraft College VisTaTech Center


Dr. Andrew Brown Jr.
Vice President & Chief Technologist, Delphi
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Brett Hillhouse
WW Engineering Solutions Executive, Internet of Things, IBM
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Praveen Narayanan
Research Manager, Automotive & Transportation, Frost & Sullivan
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Shawn Slusser
Vice President, Automotive Business, Infineon Technologies Americas
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Dr. Anuja Sonalker
Lead Scientist and Program Manager, Battelle
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Bio-based Materials: Ready for Mainstream?
December 4, 2014
Schoolcraft College VisTaTech Center

This briefing brought together leading experts to discuss their perspectives on the bio-based manufacturing market’s growth potential and how that potential can be realized. Several tiers of the automotive industry, from automakers to chemical suppliers, were represented in the panel to offer diverse views on the topic.


Henning Karbstein
Manager, New Business Development and Idea Management, BASF
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Dr. Ellen Lee
Technical Specialist, Materials Research R&A, Ford Motor Company

Jim Preston
Vice President, Business Development, RheTech
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Dr. Rose Ann Ryntz
Senior Director, Advanced Engineering, International Automotive Components (IAC)
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Joshua Cregger
Project Manager, Sustainability & Economic Development Strategies, CAR
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Advanced Information Technology Solutions: An Engine of Innovation
This CAR Industry Briefing discussed advanced enterprise IT solutions such as systems engineering, manufacturing operations management, and supply chain management as a way of managing the increasingly complex automotive industry.  Also discussed were the several challenges that exist that inhibit the ability to deliver on these goals, including the necessity for increased security and privacy of sensitive information as well as the need for training today’s workers to overcome knowledge gaps.


Dr. Robert D. Borchelt
Director, Manufacturing IT Systems & Industrial Controls, Cummins Inc.
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Timothy Cox
Chief Information Officer of Global Development Services
General Motors

Deron Littlejohn
Chief Engineer, Slip Control Systems Applications North America, TRW Automotive
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Greg Schroeder
Senior Research Engineer, Manufacturing, Engineering & Technology, CAR
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Automotive Fuels and Emissions: Policies, Compliance, & Potential Impact of Future Technologies
The U.S. automotive industry is in a state of transition as fuel economy and emissions regulations become increasingly stringent over the next 10 years. This briefing discussed the strategic implications of Tier 3 regulations which will soon be finalized and may impact future technology decisions in a multitude of ways.


Mike Mansuetti
President, Robert Bosch LLC

Chris Gearhart
Center Director, Transportation and Hydrogen Systems Center, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
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Stuart Johnson
Senior Manager, Engineering and Environmental Office, Volkswagen Group of America
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Mike Olechiw
Light Duty Vehicles and Small Engines Center Director, Assessment and Standards Division, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
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Hakan Yilmaz
Vice President, Global Technology Management, Gasoline Systems, North America, Robert Bosch LLC
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Emerging Vehicle Technology: Trends in Connected and Automated Vehicles
This CAR Breakfast Briefing offered insights into several dimensions of connected and automated vehicle technologies, with an emphasis on mobility and safety. This includes perspectives from the motor vehicle industry, the telematics industry, and the insurance industry.



Jan-Maarten de Vries
Vice President of Automotive Strategy, Product Management and Marketing, TomTom
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David Pratt
General Manager, Usage Based Insurance, Progressive
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Danny Shapiro
Director, Automotive Business Unit, NVIDIA

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Patricia Watkins
Director, Global Client Management, Sprint Velocity
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Luke Bonner
Vice President, Business Development, Ann Arbor SPARK
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