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Electric vehicle infrastructure a new mindset – Sponsored by PwC

Thursday. February 4, 2021  |  10:00 AM EST

EV’s are quickly gaining traction. But that fleet will need to be charged. This panel will investigate the emerging EV charging industry and its implications for vehicle OEMs, auto suppliers, charging equipment manufacturers and other value chain participants.

Battery Enclosure Design for Electric Vehicles

Thursday, February 11, 18, & 25, 2021  |  1:00 PM EST

In this three-part webinar series, experts will present battery enclosure designs using steel, aluminum, and polymer composites. The webinars will allow the audience to understand different design ideas for EV battery enclosures and have a live interaction with the experts. CAR will facilitate the discussion. Below is the agenda:


  • Thursday, February 11, 1:00 PM: Aluminum Battery Enclosure Design. Guest Speaker: Dr. Andreas Afseth, Technical Director, Constellium
  • Thursday, February 18, 1:00 PM: Polymer Composite Battery Enclosure Design. Guest Speaker: TBD, Hexion
  • Thursday, February 25, 1:00 PM: Steel Battery Enclosure Design. Guest Speaker: Mr. Ram Iyer, Manager Automotive Product Applications, ArcelorMittal

Webinar Recordings

Auto Industry X Series: Process (12/11/2020)

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CAR will be releasing a report on Industry X highlighting the remarkable change underway in January 2021. CAR is hosting a series of webinars to share our findings and define future guideposts.

Change is hard. Disruptive change is harder. Successful digital transformation requires more than a good strategy and adequate funding. It takes focus on process. Change Agents and Change Managers often drive successful Industry X implementations. This webinar will identify key characteristics for successful Industry X implantation. Joining us for this discussion are:

  • Michael Ger, Managing Director, Manufacturing and Automotive, Cloudera
  • Brian Irwin, Automotive & Industrial Leader, Accenture  |  Download Presentation



Auto Industry X Series: Technologies and Data (12/4/2020)

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CAR will be releasing a report on Industry X highlighting the remarkable change underway in January 2021. CAR is hosting a series of webinars to share our findings and define future guideposts.

Data drives Industry X, but Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the co-pilot. Manufacturing operations are creating far more data than is ever used. The underlying technologies that create, process, transmit, and store data have continued to advance at seemingly exponential rates while business processes have remained basically the same. Technologies and processes that capture, transmit, store, and analyze data are being implemented now. Making decisions based on that data is the next frontier. This session will explore how manufacturing companies are using data to make a difference. Joining us for this discussion are:

  • Dr. Florian Baumann, CTO – Automotive & AI, Dell Technologies  |  Download Presentation
  • Thomas J. Mott, NA Industry Manager – Automotive, Tire & Aerospace, Rockwell Automation


2020 Post-Election Automotive Outlook (11/17/2020)

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Please join the Center for Automotive Research (CAR), JobsOhio, and the Lima Auto Taskforce for a special Automotive Communities Partnership (ACP) webinar on the future of the automotive industry. Ohio Lieutenant Governor Jon Husted will provide introductory remarks. The webinar agenda includes:

  • Opening Remarks – Jon Husted, Ohio Lieutenant Governor
  • Implications of the 2020 Election, Policy & Regulations – Kristin Dziczek, Vice President – Research, Center for Automotive Research
  • Automotive Propulsion Forecast – Brett Smith, Director – Technology, Center for Automotive Research
  • State of the Automotive Industry – Book of Deals, U.S. Forecast and U.S. and North American Production Forecast – Bernard Swiecki, Director ACP & Assistant Director, Research, Center for Automotive Research
  • DriveOhio – Update on Current Initiatives in Testing and Validation in Connected and Automated Vehicle Technology – Howard Wood, Executive Director, DriveOhio
  • The Role of Flying Cars in the Future of the Mobility Industry – Elaine Bryant, Executive Vice President for Aerospace and Defense, Dayton Development Coalition Federal & Military installation Sector, Managing Director, JobsOhio

Elaine Bryant  |  Download Presentation
Kristin Dziczek  |  Download Presentation
Bernard Swiecki  |  Download Presentation
Howard Wood  |  Download Presentation

Auto Industry X Webinar Series: People (11/13/2020)

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Industry X links the operational technology (OT) used in manufacturing with the information technology (IT) systems used to manage the rest of the business. Industry X will require employees working within these systems to expand their job scope, learn new things, and coordinate with new people. Industry X is truly an opportunity to enable and empower the workforce. However, the transition will be as challenging as it is powerful. This webinar will highlight the merging of OT and IT skills in manufacturing. Joining us for this discussion are:

  • Dr. Susan Helper, Carlton Professor of Economics, Case Western University
  • Dr. Irene Petrick, Senior Director of Industrial Innovation, Intel
  • Dr. Elisabeth B. Reynolds, Principal Research Scientist, Executive Director, MIT Work of the Future and IPC, and Lecturer, MIT Dept. of Urban Studies and Planning
AV Safety: What's New? (11/2/2020)

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The COVID-19 pandemic and the health concerns around it put some restriction on AV-related activities around the work. But it does not mean that the AV technology development efforts have been stopped. While some companies have been active in using AVs to deliver food and groceries as well as medical supplies to citizens and healthcare centers, others have been working hard to make the future of AVs safer.

Kevin Mull – Download Presentation

MICHauto and CAR Present: The Long-Term Impact of COVID-19 on the Automotive Talent Pipeline (9/24/2020)

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Join MICHauto and the Center for Automotive Research (CAR) for an hour-long session discussing the industry’s perspective on this disruption and the State of Michigan’s workforce development response.

Finding and retaining top talent is an ongoing challenge for the Michigan automotive and mobility industry. It is predicted that the COVID-19 global pandemic will add further disruption due to its impact on the talent pipeline. Approximately 25% of college students are reconsidering their enrollment plans this fall, while 40% of high school graduates, who had planned on attending a four-year college or university, are no longer expected to enroll at these institutions. Decreases in 2020 postsecondary enrollment is likely to impact the future talent pool for Michigan businesses.

Consumers and the Battery Electric Vehicle (9/16/2020)

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Vehicle manufacturers and suppliers are prepping for a BEV tidal wave. But who will buy them? And what do we need to do to prepare for an electric future? This webinar will feature insights into the Rocky Mountain Institutes’ latest BEV research and recent BEV consumer research by Escalent.

MICHauto and CAR Present: The Economic Impact of COVID-19 on Michigan’s Automotive Industry (7/30/2020)

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Michigan’s automotive industry has been hit hard by the COVID-19 global pandemic. While the industry’s restart is now in full motion, there has been great debate about Michigan’s efforts to jointly protect community health and the health of the economy. MICHauto and the Center for Automotive Research (CAR) are convening an hour-long, two-part discussion with industry and government leaders. The first discussion will provide insight on the industry’s response and restart as well as its economic outlook. The second discussion will review state’s policy response and its ongoing work to help the industry recover. Both discussions will be moderated by John McElory, host of “Autoline.”

Window on Washington: Automotive Policy & the COVID-19 Pandemic (6/16/2020)

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Join CAR for a conversation of the latest federal government policy topics related to the automotive industry and the COVID-19 pandemic. CAR’s Vice President of Business Research Kristin Dziczek will speak with special guest, Governor Matt Blunt, the President of the American Automotive Policy Council—the association the represents the common public policy interests of its member companies – FCA US LLC, Ford Motor Company and General Motors Company. Governor Blunt and Kristin will address the July 1 entry-into-force for the USMCA trade agreement, the status of other U.S. automotive trade policies, recent and pending regulatory actions, as well as recently passed and pending legislation to address automaker and supplier concerns during the pandemic and economic crisis.

Killing the Unicorns to Boost Sales & Profits (5/28/2020)

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Last week’s J.D. Power briefing covered some startling statistics:

  • Retail buyers purchased 13.6 million vehicles in 2019
  • Taking interior and exterior color out of the equation, there were over 600,000 unique vehicle configurations sold last year.
  • The volume for 98 percent of those configurations was fewer than 50 units annually—and most were low-volume and low-profit “unicorns.”
  • Just two percent of all configurations generated 74 percent of 2019 sales.

If you’re a supplier ramping up production or a dealer looking to shorten your days to turn in this challenging environment, you will want to know more about how this explosion in light vehicle complexity may impact your sales and profitability. Join CAR’s Vice President Kristin Dziczek in a conversation with Doug Betts, President—Automotive Division at J.D. Power & Associates as they examine recent trends in manufacturing complexity and offer insights into the automakers’ path forward to simplify the number of available configurations in their product lineup.

Additive Manufacturing for Rapid Response (5/20/2020)

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In this webinar, experts will discuss the use of additive manufacturing for producing parts in time-sensitive situations such as the COVID-19 crisis. The topic includes the use of AM in quickly re-purposing traditional equipment with 3D printed tooling, using AM to reduce inventory and increase preparedness for unforeseen events, and the future of AM in the automotive industry.

A Simulation-driven Approach to Accelerating e-Mobility Development (5/13/2020)

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Leveraged by leading automakers like Porsche and Mercedes AMG, Altair provides advanced simulation tools and integrated workflows to accelerate e-mobility vehicle development. In this webinar, we will cover strategies and processes for designing more efficient e-motors, extending vehicle range, and improving safety through the study of battery impact and thermal runaway.

COVID-19 and Impact to Dealerships: M&A, Customer Expectations, and Virtual/Remote Operations (5/7/2020)

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How have dealerships morphed due to COVID-19? Will these changes be short term, or part of the new normal? Join us as we explore changes to virtual/remote showroom experiences, vehicle deliveries, and financing. Will the mom and pop shops survive, and what can we expect in terms of more dealer mergers? Will these changes meet the customers’ expectations and will the experienced be enhanced?

2020 Automotive Outlook (4/30/2020)

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Join CAR for a content-packed webinar focusing on the latest updates and forecasts for recovery as the automotive industry grapples not only with the impacts of the coronavirus outbreak, but also the challenges of ramping up vehicle sales and production in what is certain to be an environment of unprecedented uncertainty.

The webinar will feature the latest analysis from CAR Vice President Kristin Dziczek, as well as Mike Jackson, Executive Director of Strategy and Research at the Original Equipment Suppliers Association (OESA); Paul Traub, Senior Business Economist at the Detroit Branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago; and Jeff Schuster, President of Global Forecasting at LMC Automotive.

The 2020 Automotive Outlook Webinar is a collaborative effort between CAR and Northwest Ohio Regional Economic Development (NORED).

How Data Will Help Your Business Come Back Online in the Wake of COVID-19 (4/27/2020)

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As the automotive industry returns to work in the coming weeks, data will help companies protect the health and safety of their employees and track their organization’s overall fitness and readiness to produce.

Companies such as SAP, Qualtrics (an SAP company), and Draper are working to develop solutions to help automotive companies come back online. CAR’s CEO, Carla Bailo, will discuss the industry impact from COVID 19, industry next steps, blueprints for using data to restart, and the future industry needs with SAP’s Bill Newman, Qualtrics’ David Mingle, and Draper’s Dr. Troy Lau.

SAP and Qualtrics have launched several initiatives over the last week to help companies, government officials, and other agencies to understand the needs of their customers, employees, suppliers, and the community at large during the COVID crisis. Using information from a test program with the state of Utah, Qualtrics will share the tools and insights to help navigate this challenging transition.

Draper’s factory floor biodefense is deploying data science and AI to design and ensure a safe return to work.  Draper has developed a suite of analytic and predictive tools utilizing employee checkpoints, movements, and tracking data within Draper buildings. These tools are being used to; design tactical back-to-work strategies, target cleaning strategies, and track/trace sickness. Draper will share the lessons they have learned from these initial internal tests.

The Playbook for Restarting Production (4/8/2020)

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Join CAR for a conversation on plans for bringing automotive production back on-line in North America. CAR’s Vice President of Business Research Kristin Dziczek will speak with special guests Jim Tobin, the Executive Vice President Magna International and President Magna Asia and Aaron McCarthy, Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer for Magna International, Inc.

Jim and Aaron are involved in efforts to coordinate the industry restart and can speak to Magna’s experience in restarting production in its Asian plants. Jim, Aaron, and Kristin will discuss approaches to supply chain disruptions, working capital concerns, consumer demand conditions, and, most importantly, how companies are planning to protect the health and safety of workers when they return to the factories and offices. The conversation will also address how companies are planning to continue those new lines of medical and personal protective equipment work in tandem with their core automotive business.

Arsenal of Health: How Automakers & Suppliers Are Stepping Up To Support the Medical Response to the COVID-19 Crisis (4/2/2020)

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Join CAR for a conversation on how automakers and suppliers are helping medical device and personal protective equipment manufacturers and the health care system during the COVID-19 crisis. CAR’s CEO and President Carla Bailo will be joined by Julie Fream, CEO and President of the Original Equipment Suppliers Association, and Flavio Volpe, President of the Automotive Parts Manufacturing Association in Canada. Carla, Julie, and Flavio will discuss the automotive industry’s efforts to propel manufacturing efforts and get the medical community the critical products they need—including efforts currently underway in Michigan and Canada.

Window on Washington: A View on the Governments Response to the COVID-19 Crisis (3/24/2020)

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Join CAR for a conversation on the government’s response to the COVID-19 crisis. CAR’s Vice President of Business Research Kristin Dziczek will speak with special guest, John Bozzella, the President and CEO of the newly-formed Alliance for Automotive Innovation. John and Kristin will address the status of recently passed and pending legislation to address automaker and supplier operational concerns during the pandemic and economic crisis, as well as the impact on pending regulatory actions, including the long-awaited fuel economy and emissions standard revisions.

Coronavirus Update: Disruption and the Impact to the Auto Industry (3/6/2020)

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Join CAR’s vice president of research, Kristin Dziczek, and CEO at ZoZo Go, Michael Dunne, in a webinar as they discuss the potential impacts of coronavirus on the automotive industry.

Implications of the 2019 UAW-Detroit Three Contract Negotiations (1/15/2020)

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Please join CAR’s panel of industry experts for a comprehensive discussion of the 2019 UAW agreements with GM, Ford, and FCA. This webinar will include:

  • The first in-depth look at CAR’s estimates of how UAW labor costs will change under the new agreements
  • A review of the negotiation process and lessons learned for other unionized employers—including a look at the historic, six-week UAW strike at GM
  • An examination of the key issues including the tiered wage structure, use of temporary workers, and health care costs along with investment and product allocation commitments
  • A discussion of implications of the new agreements for other automakers and suppliers
Remote Health Monitoring Systems in Automotive (11/20/2019)

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With current improvements in vehicle automation and artificial intelligence (AI), connected and automated vehicles (CAVs) will be an important part of future transportation systems. Among the CAV technologies, in-vehicle sensors could create a unique opportunity for continuous health monitoring systems, and also for increased safety of drivers and other road users.


Structural Bonding for Multi-Material Lightweight Vehicles (4/23/2019)
The Mobility Web: Business Models, Partnerships and Innovation (6/13/2019)