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Affiliates Program

The Affiliates Program supports CAR’s strong relationship with key industry stakeholders in the automotive community that results in industry-driven research and analyses; forecasting; the fostering of dialogue and the convening of forums as an independent, non-profit, research organization with a multi-disciplinary approach.

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Advanced Propulsion Roundtable

Powertrain technology and regulation are rapidly evolving—yet powertrain suppliers do not necessarily have the resources to adequately monitor this changing landscape. CAR facilitates an open discussion via regular roundtable meetings of our Propulsion working group focused on non-proprietary and non-competitive topics as they pertain to understanding fuel economy and emissions regulations, identifying gaps and opportunities in the future of Powertrain Technologies, Alternative Fuels, Policy (emissions, fuel economy, GHG), and better understanding Powertrain Pathways and how customers will react to current and future regulations.

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Automotive Communities Partnership (ACP)

The Automotive Communities Partnership (ACP) brings together communities, international partners, automotive companies, educational institutions, and government agencies in a collaborative environment to sustain and grow the U.S. automotive footprint through monthly industry updates; quarterly sales, production, and employment forecasts; exclusive networking opportunities; and advice on public policy and site selection opportunities.

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Coalition for Automotive Lightweighting Materials

The Coalition for Automotive Lightweighting Materials (CALM) is a collaboration of more than forty industry leading organizations working to support the cost-effective integration of mixed materials to achieve significant reductions in mass through the joint efforts of the material sectors and the auto manufacturers.  Supporting organizations participate in the CALM working group through an ongoing, annual commitment funded by participating CAR Affiliate organizations.

The Coalition for Automotive Lightweighting Materials is a CAR Working Group and operated under a Steering Committee that ensures CALM objectives are being met and provides guidance on how to maximize the benefits of CALM to its participating organizations. The Steering Committee is chaired by CAR and is supported by the Aluminum Association and the American Chemistry Council.

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Michigan Connected and Automated Vehicle Working Group

CAR coordinates a quarterly Connected and Automated Vehicle (CAV) working group on behalf of the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT). The group works to cooperatively pursue projects and other activities that are best accomplished through partnerships between multiple agencies, companies, universities, and other organizations and that ultimately advance Michigan’s leadership position in connected and automated vehicle research, deployment, and operations to benefit the state and our industry (automotive and more) and enhance safety and mobility in Michigan and beyond.

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Technology Advisory Council (TAC)

CAR’s Technology Advisory Council (TAC) provides a voice of the industry, with valuable insight and guidance for issues that are critically important to the industry from an auto manufacturer’s perspective. The advisory council consists of individuals with engineering, manufacturing, or supply chain backgrounds. The group meets two to three times each year, facilitated by CAR and cover a range of topics including: fuel economy and greenhouse gas regulations, manufacturing issues impacting lightweighting, and advanced powertrain technologies.

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