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COVID-19 Resources


CAR researchers are monitoring the impact of the coronavirus outbreak (officially known as 2019-nCoV)—especially as it may impact the auto industry globally. Here are CAR resources and a selection of external resources to keep you informed on the automotive impact of the virus:


9/24: MICHauto and CAR Present: The Long-Term Impact of COVID-19 on the Automotive Talent Pipeline  |  Watch Recording

7/30: MICHauto and CAR Present: The Economic Impact of COVID-19 on Michigan’s Automotive Industry  |  Watch Recording

6/16: Window on Washington: Automotive Policy & the COVID-19 Pandemic  |  Watch Recording

5/20: Additive Manufacturing for Rapid Response  |  Watch Recording

5/7: COVID-19 and Impact to Dealerships:  M&A, Customer Expectations, and Virtual/Remote Operations  |  Watch Recording

4/30: 2020 Automotive Outlook Webinar  |  Watch Recording

How Data Will Help Your Business Come Back Online in the Wake of COVID19  |  Watch Recording

The Playbook for Restarting Production  |  Watch Recording

Arsenal of Health: How Automakers & Suppliers Are Stepping Up to Support the Medical Response to the COVID-19 Crisis | Watch Recording

Coronavirus Update: Disruption and the Impact to the Auto Industry  |  Watch Recording  |  Download PDF

Window on Washington: A View on the Government’s Response to the COVID-19 Crisis  |  Watch Recording  |  Download PDF

Feature Stories

June Update 2: Restarting Automotive Manufacturing After the Coronavirus Pandemic

June Update: Restarting Automotive Manufacturing After the Coronavirus Pandemic

Future mobility: Limiting the spread of disease through bacteria and virus resisting materials

Restarting Automotive Manufacturing After the Coronavirus Pandemic

Opinion: There’s another crucial thing the Trump administration should do for the auto industry

What Does the Coronavirus Mean To The Mobility Industry?

Opinion: America must enlist the ‘arsenal of democracy’ to combat coronavirus

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