Affiliates Program

The Affiliates Program supports CAR’s strong relationship with key industry stakeholders in the automotive community that results in industry-driven research and analyses; forecasting; the fostering of dialogue and the convening of forums as an independent, non-profit, research organization with a multi-disciplinary approach.

Key benefits include:

  • Access to CAR staff for:
    1. Industry knowledge
    2. CAR research staff presentations
    3. An independent, unbiased source of support in responding to industry matters
    4. Resources such as; slides, graphs, and CAR presentations
  • Advisory Role: Affiliates often preview CAR research on key industry issues and participate in giving valuable feedback.
  • Contribute to fundamental industry research projects through interviews, surveys, and other research interactions with the CAR research team.
  • Access to exclusive Affiliates content through Affiliates Industry Briefing & Networking Dinners and webinars.
  • Get discounted rates at CAR events Industry Briefings and the CAR Management Briefing Seminars.

Case Studies:

Faurecia leverages CAR’s Affiliates Program to Inform Development of Autonomous Vehicle Business Group

Michelin utilizes CAR’s Affiliates Program in Long Term Strategic Planning

CAR’s Affiliates Program helps Mitsubishi to Convene Supplier Roundtable Panel of Experts for Insight Planning

ZF uses CAR’s Affiliates Program in Discussion of Connected & Automated Vehicles

Automotive Manufacturers Affiliates

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