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Case Study

OEM leverages CAR’s Affiliate Program to Convene Supplier Roundtable Panel of Experts for Insight Planning


Mitsubishi Motors R & D of America


CAR Affiliate Mitsubishi Motors asked that CAR coordinate a research roundtable to obtain suppliers points of view pertaining to future infotainment and navigation systems and the embedded software and hardware technologies. The request resulted in a group meeting facilitated and hosted by CAR which engaged one automaker and a half dozen leading supplier experts.


MRDA requested input from industry experts into state of the art future technologies and potential direction of both consumer interests and technology to inform future development of infotainment systems.


MRDA worked with CAR to develop a comprehensive list of focused topics and targeted tier 1 and tier 2 suppliers who are known to be experts in the field of in vehicle infotainment and navigation system solutions. CAR coordinated all outreach and invitations to ensure participation by the right mix of perspectives from a variety of supplier organizations.

CAR hosted and moderated a roundtable panel discussion among these suppliers, with Mitsubishi, to discuss technology trends and requirements and to learn from the supplier’s point of view what future considerations should be taken into account when planning for future vehicle and system development. The outlook focused on trends over the next 5-10 years in areas such as:
• What display types will be most popular?
• What are key considerations for future infotainment and navigation displays?
• What are expected to be key hardware and software technologies?
• What are critical impacts, obstacles, barriers or opportunities for future development?


CAR arranged and hosted an invitation only supplier roundtable discussion focused on an examination of the topic – the future of automotive infotainment and navigation systems including embedded software and hardware technologies. Automaker and suppliers alike shared this private opportunity in a roundtable forum to, share thoughts and ideas about future trends in consumer interest, technologies and the direction in vehicle systems may take. A final report and minutes of the discussion was created by CAR and shared with all participants who had the further opportunity to offer additional input or to establish further direct relationships with the Automaker or other suppliers.

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