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How one company leveraged CAR’s Affiliate Program in Long Term Strategic Planning


Michelin North America  |  Strategic Planning Group (North America Market)


CAR Affiliate Michelin North America utilized CAR as a resource during its long term strategic business planning to gain an external understanding of industry and regulatory factors that may influence the future of the automotive market. Michelin’s request resulted in a planning workshop with CAR research engineers and including CAR’s Chief Economist presentation. The workshop covered a variety of topics that influenced Michelin’s final long term business strategic plan.


Michelin North America required information and insight into economic forecasts, CAFE regulations, design trends and an outlook into the industry for 2025 to support long term strategic planning.


CAR worked with Michelin’s team to assess their needs and provide an economic forecast/outlook and a high level look at the external factors such as regulations and automaker strategies to be sure their planning was well informed and in alignment with the trends in the industry.


CAR participated with Michelin in a planning workshop as they developed their long term strategic business plans. CAR research engineers and Chief Economist presented and participated in a two hour webinar based workshop which included presenting CAR’s outlook and summary as well as addressing questions on a range of topics impacting the future of the North American automotive market.

Topics Included:
Overview and Observations, a look at CAFE through 2025 including:

  • Overview of CAFE regulations
    • Credits by OEM, Penalties, Fines, Market for trading of credits, etc?
  • 2025 outlook/observations
    • OEM technologies to meet CAFE
    • Lightweighting – Beyond 2021
    • Powertrain
    • Powertrain solutions & engine calibrations , alternative fuels &
    • Trends w/fuel sources
    • Mobility / Connected & Automated
  • Overview of fuel sources for vehicles through 2025 (gasoline, diesel, hybrid, electric, other)
    • Fuel price projections, impact, trends, etc.
  • OEM F.E. credits, penalties and how they will be measured through 2025
    • Likely OEM tradeoff’s, and impact on CAFE
  • Consumer demand of vehicles built to meet CAFE
  • Design trends
  • High level overview of vehicle market (segments, sizes, etc.)
  • Product & Market Forecast
    • Include view of where luxury, small and large car, and truck markets are going
    • Trends for U.S. carpark – age of fleet, etc.
  • Possible Impact of the Election – change in administration
    • Impact of administration change w/ 2016 Election (Republican vs.
    • Democrat impact on CAFE standards)
    • Will CAFE targets stay where they are, will they be extended?
  • OTHER Potential Disruptive Events?

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