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Tier 1 Supplier leverages CAR’s Affiliate Program to Inform Development of Autonomous Vehicle Business Group


Faurecia  |  Autonomous Vehicle Business Group


CAR Affiliate Faurecia leveraged CAR during the development of their Autonomous Vehicle Business Group to obtain a State of the Industry update, focusing on the State of Autonomous Vehicles. The request resulted in a group meeting at CAR and presentation of CAR’s Connected and Automated Vehicle outlook with the Faurecia planning team.


Faurecia requested external industry insight into the state of connected and automated vehicle technology to inform development of their Autonomous Vehicle Business Group.


Faurecia worked with CAR to assess their needs as they kicked off their Autonomous Vehicle Business Group and planned a meeting at CAR that included CAR researcher presentations and allowed Faurecia space to hold their own internal planning meeting.


CAR’s Transportation Systems Analysis group hosted the Faurecia group visit at CAR and presented a State of the Industry update, and a focus on State of the Art in Autonomous Vehicles, Current Projections, and Key Enablers & Issues. The primary focus of discussion was on the North American Market, with some global perspective, particularly on China. The group examined various markets and market trends in the future of CAV in automotive. The CAR team shared a presentation of their outlook and overview of trends and activities, “The Convergence of Connected and Automated Vehicles: Opportunities and Challenges” and entertained Q&A thought the discussion. Faurecia concluded the visit by utilizing CAR’s conference room for their own internal planning meeting in conjunction with the portion of the meeting supported by CAR.

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