2015 CAR Management Briefing Seminars

Plan to join us this August 3–6, 2015.  We’ll be celebrating the 50th anniversary of CAR’s flagship event!

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CAR Management Briefing Seminars 2015

CAR’s Second Quarter Newsletter is Now Available

In this issue: The Competitive Influence of Mexico, 2015 Labor Outlook, Growth of Chinese Direct Investment, Fuel Economy/GHG Regulations White Paper, Cybersecurity, Management Briefing Seminars 50th Anniversary More »

The Automotive Communities Partnership (ACP) is a unique program that brings together community leaders, industry leaders, and other stakeholders with the goal of sustaining and growing the upper-midwest region’s automotive endowment. More »

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Affiliates access CAR’s research staff, preview and participate in CAR research, and enjoy networking opportunities with other thought leaders. Affiliates’ support of CAR research enables us to respond quickly to inquiries from policy makers, industry and media. More »

CAR Research

A key component of CAR’s mission is to produce timely and relevant research on the future of the automotive industry—one of the world’s most complex businesses. Our research results inform public- and private-sector decision-makers and foster communication across the industry. More »

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Coalition for Automotive Lightweighting Materials (CALM)

The CALM working group mission supports the cost-effective integration of mixed materials to achieve mass reduction and fosters collaboration between manufacturers and suppliers to accelerate the introduction of lightweighting technologies. More »

Coalition for Automotive Lightweighting Materials (CALM)


Contribution of General Motors' Manufacturing Plants to the Economies of Ten States and the United States in 2013 and 2014

In this report, the authors examine the economic contribution of GM’s manufacturing presence in the United States and each of the ten states in which the company operates manufacturing facilities. Read More>

Crowdsourcing Transportation Systems Data

This report seeks to more clearly define “Crowdsourcing” and develops a clear and internally consistent taxonomy for crowdsourced data that can be used to structure related discussions.  Further it describes how agencies may leverage various types of crowdsourced data for transportation system management. Read More>

Contribution of the Automotive Industry to the Economies of All Fifty States and the United States

Six years after the worst recession since the 1930s, the American economy is demonstrating many signs of strengthening, and the auto industry is helping drive that recovery. Despite recent economic hardships, auto manufacturers, suppliers, and dealers employ over 1.5 million people and directly contribute to the creation of another 5.7 million jobs. Read More>

Assessment of Tax Revenue Generated by the Automotive Sector for the Year 2013

This CAR study demonstrates that the U.S. automotive sector has a large impact throughout the nation and provides support to state and federal governments in the form of taxes and fees collected from sales, employees, drivers, and the auto companies themselves. Read More>

Accelerating the Growth of the U.S. Automotive Manufacturing Industry at Home, Rather than Abroad

This report examines the critical success factors necessary for continued global automotive investment growth within the southern U.S. automotive manufacturing region. Read More>

The Impact of Federal Regulations on Franchised Automobile Dealers

This study examined only the costs incurred by U.S. light vehicle dealerships to comply with a group of roughly 60 federal regulations. Read More>


2015 CAR Management Briefing Seminars

Management Briefing Seminars 50TH ANNIVERSARYRegister today for the CAR Management Briefing Seminars, August 3-6, 2015, celebrating its 50th Anniversary. Whether in research labs or product engineering facilities, in the boardroom, or on factory and showroom floors, the automotive industry is built on competing - and winning.

Session topics include:

  • Manufacturing
  • Lightweighting
  • Connected and Automated Vehicles
  • Sales
  • Strategy
  • Design
  • and many more

For more information, or to register, visit the MBS home page. Early bird rates end June 15, 2015.

Automotive Communities Partnership (ACP) Meeting

35 ACP members got to experience life in the fast lane at the latest ACP meeting in Indianapolis, Indiana on May 12-13.

Tuesday afternoon, members received a tour of the Auto Research Center. Wednesday, members were updated on multiple topics from experts in the automotive field and were treated to lunch and tours of the garage and pit area while race teams practiced at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

For more information about the ACP and these events, click here

Industry Briefing & Affiliate Dinner

May 14, 2015

The Industry Briefing & Affiliate Dinner took place on May 14. CAR welcomed guest speaker, UAW president Dennis Williams. This year will mark significant contract negotiations between FCA, Ford, GM and the UAW. Williams shared his views on current labor topics and Kristin Dziczek, Director, Industry & Labor Group at CAR previewed the issues to watch with upcoming negotiations. The agenda also included an economic outlook with CAR’s Executive Vice President of Research and Chief Economist, Dr. Sean McAlinden.

For more information about CAR's Affiliate Program including information on past Affiliates activity, please click here.

About CAR

The Center for Automotive Research, a nonprofit organization, is focused on a wide variety of important trends and changes related to the automobile industry and society at the international, federal, state and local levels. CAR conducts industry research, develops new methodologies, forecasts industry trends, advises on public policy, and sponsors multi-stakeholder communication forums.