The Contribution of the International Auto Sector to the U.S. Economy: An Update
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This study is an update of a previous report on the economic contribution of the international automotive industry completed in 1998 for the AIAM. The first study showed total employment at USIAS facilities as 69,000 in 1996. To this total was added 334,000 additional jobs connected to USIAS new vehicle sales at U.S. new vehicle dealerships. The 400,000 direct jobs were shown to contribute an additional 800,000 supplier and spending-induced spin-off jobs for a grand total of 1.3 million jobs contributed by the USIAS to the U.S. economy in 1996. About $49 billion in labor compensation was added to the U.S. economy that year by the sales and
manufacturing activities of the USIAS.

A study prepared for the Association of International Automobile Manufacturers, Inc.

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