Digital Transformation and Its Impact on Quality Assurance Whitepaper
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The conversion brought forth by digital transformation and advanced technologies has made a tremendous impact on the way manufacturers process and manage their organizations. While the strategies of agile and modern management systems, specifically quality management, are the result of digital conversion, there is still limited understanding and unclear identification in this new era of quality assurance impact. With the development of digital methodologies, the classical system of operating businesses has been disrupted. As a result, many organizations are in the process of reacting to digitization by utilizing enhanced business platforms and rebuilding the waterfall approach to the agile approach.

The interviews conducted during this research stated that companies are mainly motivated by a focus on process improvement and demands communicated by their customers. The aim of this paper is to describe how digitization and transformation to new technologies can impact the quality assurance system of the manufacturers, specifically the automotive industries.

Competition amongst quality and consumer satisfaction are the most challenging factors in each industry. This project will focus on the influence of progressive technologies and ingenuity on a variety of modern, agile, and advanced processes in the automotive industry.

The research paper includes the investigation and the introduction of numerous developments and inventions in manufacturing organizations in the last few years. The paper begins by introducing the current challenges in existing processes and the impact of digital methodologies in planning and management – specifically in quality management. This qualitative research will also incorporate a summary that covers the digital transformation and the optimizations in the quality assurance sector of the automotive field.

  • Industry Focus: Technology and Innovation
  • Research Focus: Automotive Industries

The summary of this project will benefit educators within the advanced technology field, manufacturing stakeholders, as well as management. The research will be presented to educate the audience about introducing artificial modern technologies in order to enhance the efficiency, effectiveness, and competitiveness of the organization.

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