Contribution of General Motors to the Economies of Nine States and the United States in 2019
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Full Description:

This study estimates the employment and economic contribution of General Motors’ United States operations to the United States economy and the economies of the nine states in which GM has significant manufacturing operations in 2019.

CAR’s estimates demonstrate that General Motors—the largest automaker by U.S. market share and second-largest automaker by U.S. light vehicle production volume—is a significant contributor to the U.S. economy and the economies of the nine states in which GM has manufacturing facilities. Close to 90 percent of the light vehicles GM builds in the United States are also sold in the country. GM is also among the largest investors in the U.S. automotive industry, with a total of $44.3 billion in announced investments in the country since 2000. Over the past 19 years, nearly four out of every five dollars General Motors has announced it would invest in North America have been spent on U.S. facilities.

This report is presented in two major sections: a brief history of GM in the United States, which includes GM’s sales, market share, production, and investments, and the economic contribution of General Motors in the United States and the nine states in which GM has manufacturing operations. Two appendices cover the modeling methods and provide detailed employment contribution results by U.S. industrial sectors.

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