Analysis of the Economic Contribution of Constructing the New International Trade Crossing: A New Bridge Linking Detroit and Windsor
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Ontario. In this study, CAR estimates the employment and economic contributions that will accrue to the region as a result of adding a second bridge. The construction of this bridge will provide an estimated 12,000 jobs per year for each of the four years of the construction phase, and once the bridge is operational, more than 8,000 permanent jobs will be created.

The new bridge will support jobs through four means of economic impact:

Bridge construction
Statewide construction projects from federal matching funds
Bridge operations
New private investment

Employment-related advantages that can be gained by building the bridge include the creation of construction jobs during the building of the bridge as well as creating or retaining construction jobs for other highway infrastructure projects supported by federal matching funds made available as a result of the investment in the crossing. Other jobs will be created by the operation of the bridge itself, and there will be jobs created by new investment from private industry locating in the region as a result of the opportunities presented by the new crossing.

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