The Advanced Power Technology Dilemma: from Hydrocarbons to Hydrogen

Imagine that you’re an average consumer with limited knowledge of automotive technology, and you’re concerned about reports of global warming and America’s over dependence on foreign oil. You’ve probably read stories that the car manufacturers could use different technologies to improve fuel economy by producing hybrid-electric vehicles or making fuel cell powered cars that use hydrogen, not petroleum, and emit only water from their tailpipes. What’s your reaction?

This study was prepared by the Center for Automotive Research with generous support fromt the Robert Bosch Corporation.

Advanced Power Technology Survey

The Advanced Power Technology survey is based on the Delphi forecasting process and is highly dependent upon the quality of the small ‘expert’ panel.

A Report for the Advanced Power Technology Alliance

Positioning the State of Michigan as a Leading Candidate for Fuel Cell and Alternative Powertrain Manufacturing

The automotive industry enters the 21st century on the verge of a new powertrain paradigm. Recent technological developments suggest the internal combustion engine (ICE), which has been the driving force over the first 100 years, may have a major competitor within the coming decades.

A report conducted for the Michigan Economic Development Corporation and the Michigan Automotive Partnership.