State of ADAS, Automation, and Connectivity

State of ADAS, Automation, and Connectivity

Vehicles are currently in a new stage of evolution that includes advanced driver assist, connectivity, and automation. Due to the evolving nature of the technology and shifting consumer preferences, the timing and pathway for implementation of these technologies is...

The Impact of New Mobility Services on the Automotive Industry

The rise of new mobility services (NMS) is part of a bigger and long-term gradual evolution of transportation preferences toward on-demand shared mobility in a multimodal system. CAR researchers have conducted an investigation with a focus on how these services are likely to impact the automotive industry. The report describes these transportation solutions enabled by emerging technologies and wireless connectivity as allowing for more convenient, efficient, and flexible travel, and examines impacts such as changing travel behavior and analyzes the effect on the traditional automotive industry.

The Growing Role of Mexico in the North American Automotive Industry – Trends, Drivers and Forecasts

Mexican auto assembly capacity is projected to more than double between 2010 and 2020. This rapid growth is fuel by the investment infusion of $13.3 billion to move 3.3 million units of vehicle capacity from Japan, Germany, and South Korea to Mexico. This report highlights North American vehicle production trends, and demonstrates that while automakers and suppliers are attracted by Mexico’s low labor rates, there are many other factors behind Mexico’s North American automotive industry growth.

ITS Data Ethics in the Public Sector

This report provides ethical decision-support for transportation professionals involved with Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) data. Ethical concerns regarding ITS usually focus on travelers’ right to privacy,and especially location privacy. This report...

Just How High-Tech is the Automotive Industry?

This report, supported by the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, measures the technological nature of today’s auto industry and compares it to other sectors of the economy often viewed as technologically advanced. Products manufactured by the automotive industry...