Servio De Araujo

Global Purchasing Information Technology (IT) Director

Ford Motor Company

Servio De Araujo is the Ford Motor Company Global Purchasing Information Technology (IT) Director. He is an experienced leader with proven skills to manage large and global information technology operations.

In his current position, Servio is responsible for managing the IT strategy, system development, and IT support for the Global Ford Purchasing Operations. Scope includes managing the software application portfolio, coordinating IT program management, and ensuring IT system support across all Purchasing operations of Ford Motor Company.

Prior to the current role, Mr. De Araujo held IT positions in several domains including manufacturing, product development, software architecture, program management, software development, IT shared services, and enterprise research.

Servio holds a bachelor’s degree in Electronic Engineering, a MBA, and a PhD in Industrial Engineering. He speaks fluently French, Portuguese, and English.

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