Kelly Funkhouser

Program Manager, Vehicle Interface Testing; Head of Connected and Automated Vehicles

Consumer Reports

Kelly Funkhouser is the Manager of Vehicle Technology at CR’s Auto Test Center in Colchester, CT.  She heads the test programs for vehicle usability and ergonomics, Advanced Driver Assistance and Active Safety systems, and connectivity.

Kelly drives hundreds of miles in more than 50 test cars and 50 rented press cars every year. This gives Kelly unique insight into the various implementations of driver assistance features across all makes and models of vehicles. Kelly is passionate about debunking myths on what cars can and cannot do, as well as advocating for driver and vehicle safety.

Kelly leads an initiative entitled “Clearing the Confusion” involving a group of industry experts in standardizing ADAS terminology, which has been officially endorsed by the U.S. DOT. Kelly is a recognized leading expert in the field and advises other organizations on the current state of technology and consumer perceptions.

She has advised government and industry entities on the current state of Dedicated Short-Range Communications (DSRC), cellular vehicle-to-everything communication (C-V2X), and telematics systems.

Kelly has a master’s degree in cognitive psychology, and she studied human interaction with vehicle automation and distracted driving.


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