CAR Management Briefing Seminars

August 2-4, 2022

Improving the Customer Experience by Designing Smart Cars to Be User Friendly

August 2  |  3:05 PM

Consumers expect a personalized experience along the customer journey and in the vehicles they own and access on-demand. The customer experience is a challenging balance of design, technology, software, and ergonomics that has become crucial to the automakers’ success. In this session, learn how suppliers and automakers are changing the user experience.


Jens Brandt  |  Vice President, BU Human Maschine Interface, Continental Automotive North America

Kelly Funkhouser  |  Program Manager, Vehicle Interface Testing; Head of Connected and Automated Vehicles, Consumer Reports

Jeff Stout  |  Executive Director of Global Innovation, Yanfeng

Shaun Westbrook  |  Principal HMI Lead, Management, Honda R&D Americas, Inc.


Bill Thompson  |  Sr. Director, Mobility, Rightpoint