Farid Khairallah

Portfolio Director for Safety Domain Control Units


Farid Khairallah is the Portfolio Director for Safety Domain Control Units including the ProAI family of advanced  central control units within the Advanced Driver Assist System (ADAS) and Electronics Division. Mr. Khairallah most recently served as the Portfolio and Engineering director for the Commercial Vehicle ADAS organization which serves customers in all regions supplying components, sub-systems, and software products.

Mr. Khairallah is based at ZF’s Electronics and ADAS headquarters in Farmington Hills, Michigan.

Mr. Khairallah joined ZF (Previously TRW) in 1992. He previously worked at Allied Signal Aerospace Division as Hardware Engineer for Aircraft Engine Controllers.  Since joining ZF he has held various assignments of increasing responsibility and was stationed in Japan for four years, and China for five years prior to taking the Director position for Commercial Vehicle ADAS.

Mr. Khairallah holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from West Virginia University, and a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Notre Dame University.

Speaking at:

MBS 2019 – State of the Art: Connected and Automated Vehicle Technologies