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Advanced Powertrain Thought Leadership Roundtable Program

Powertrain Working GroupA CAR Affiliate Working Group of major powertrain component suppliers. Powertrain technology and regulation are rapidly evolving — CAR facilitates open discussion via quarterly roundtables pertaining to understanding fuel economy and emissions regulations, identifying gaps and opportunities in the future of Powertrain Technologies, Alternative Fuels, Policy (emissions, fuel economy, GHG), and better understanding how customers will react to current and future regulations. Read More >


Affiliates Program

CAR Affiliates Web PageThrough the Affiliates Program, CAR maintains strong relationships with key industry stakeholders in the automotive community. Affiliate contributions provide CAR with a source of flexible funding for independent automotive industry research & development and on-going industry service activities.

Program membership provides organizations with research results and a variety of networking and collaborative opportunities. Affiliates gain early access to CAR studies, accessibility to CAR’s research staff for requested information, and an opportunity to guide CAR’s future research, conference activities and more. Read More >

Automotive Communities Partnership

The Automotive Communities Partnership (ACP) is a unique program that brings together community leaders, industry leaders, and other stakeholders with the goal of sustaining and growing the upper-midwest region’s automotive endowment. A guiding principle of the program is that automotive investment anywhere in the ACP region benefits communities throughout the region. Read More >


Coalition for Automotive Lightweighting Materials

CALM Web PageThe purpose of the Coalition for Automotive Lightweighting Materials (CALM) is to support the cost-effective integration of mixed materials to achieve significant reductions in mass through the collaborative efforts of the material sectors and the auto manufacturers. Read More >



United Tooling Coalition

United Tooling Coalition WebsiteThe mission of the United Tooling Coalition (UTC) is to deliver broad multifaceted tooling solutions (steel or plastic) that exceed customer expectations for cost and performance involving one or more of the following: engineering and simulation, prototype development, tooling construction and tryout, low volume production, production launch support, and integrated assembly automation. Read More >

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