CAR Podcast Episode Two:

On this episode of the CAR Podcast, Carla sits down with Kristin Dziczek, Senior Vice President of Research, Brett Smith, Director, Technology, and Bernard Swiecki, Director, Research, to recap the discussions and topics covered at the CAR Management Briefing Seminars, as well as the recent announcement by the Biden administration.


Also available now: “Preparing The Public For The EV Revolution – Autoline LIVE @ CAR MBS 2021”

Governments around the world are setting mandates for electric vehicles. The auto industry is investing massive amounts of capital to comply. But will the public buy enough EVs quickly enough to provide a return on this investment? Consumers need to trust EV technology, have a wide selection of models to choose from, and rely on a robust charging infrastructure. How can the auto industry accelerate the adoption rate? Or can it?

Join Autoline host John McElroy for a panel discussion with Denise Gray, President, LG Energy Solution Michigan Inc. Tech Center, Timothy Grewe, Director, Global Battery Cell & Electrification Strategy, General Motors, and Mark Hanchett, CEO, Atlis Motor Vehicles.

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