Matthew Kovinsky

Chief Business Officer

Foresight AI

Matthew Kovinsky manages the business functions at Foresight AI, a Silicon Valley-based startup that specializes in generating dynamic driving scenarios that are used to improve the motion planning and prediction functions in AV software development. Foresight works with OEMs, suppliers, full-stack AV firms, state and city governments, simulation platforms, and delivery robot companies.

Prior to joining Foresight, Mr. Kovinsky was an independent technology consultant and worked primarily with analytics companies that aggregate large datasets from various types of sensors. Matthew was also a Product Manager at Google, as well as at, where he launched and managed the Automotive Parts and Accessories store. But Mr. Kovinsky’s favorite job of all was working at Car & Driver Magazine as a Road Warrior while in college.

Mr. Kovinsky is a graduate of The University of Michigan and of M.I.T. He is from Windsor, Ontario, Canada and is a Detroit sports fan. Mr. Kovinsky lives in Marin County, California with his wife, two daughters, and an incorrigible Portuguese Water Dog named Blue.

Speaking at:

MBS 2019 – Building the Mobility Ecosystem