Brandon Barry


Block Harbor Cybersecurity

Brandon Barry is the CEO and founder at Block Harbor Cybersecurity where he leads a team of security professionals providing services and tools to protect organizations. Block Harbor’s mission is to address the risk presented by cyber-physical systems in the cloud, embedded, and automotive spaces–where exploitation could cause physical harm. Brandon’s focus in cybersecurity began with offensive security testing specialized on car hacking and later transitioned into defensive security, utilizing data science techniques for anomaly detection. From policy to technical defenses, Brandon is passionate about helping companies build an adequate posture against a growing cyber risk.

Alongside his efforts with Block Harbor, Brandon serves on the planning committee for the Automotive Security Research Group. Within this nonprofit, his key efforts are focused on lowering the barrier of entry for automotive security research through access to resources.

Brandon has grown up with automotive in his blood as his father has long worked at Tool and Die stamping plants for Ford Motor Company. Since the age of 5, he had his eyes set on building and racing a Ford Mustang – a dream now coming into fruition. From modifying his own car for Formula Drift with another car in the works for rally cross to leading Block Harbor’s automotive security initiatives, Brandon has a strong passion for the automotive industry, its history, and its exciting future in Detroit.

Brandon holds a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification alongside a Sc. B in Computer Engineering from Brown University, where he focused his studies on cybersecurity.

Speaking at:

MBS 2019 – Building the Mobility Ecosystem