Barton Sidles

Senior Director of Corporate and Business Development

Hubject Inc.

Barton Sidles is the Senior Director of Corporate and Business Development and member of the Executive Committee at Hubject Inc.’s North American subsidiary. Mr. Sidles has more than 25 years of experience in international business development, disruptive mobility operations, clean energy, transportation, sales/marketing, mergers and acquisitions and PR. Prior to joining Hubject, he helped to launch Green Commuter, an EV vanpool/car share service, was co-Founder of both a software development company and a consulting firm in Europe and was an investment banker for 8 years. In addition to his management role at Hubject Inc., Mr. Sidles is leading the advising and consulting efforts surrounding ISO 15118 Plug&Charge. With the only market-ready compliant ecosystem, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and certificate management system, Mr. Sidles and his team work with automakers, charging networks, utilities and eMobility service providers preparing for the implementation of ISO 15118: the future of EV charging including smart and wireless charging and vehicle-to-grid. Additionally, Mr. Sidles is leading Hubject and industry advocacy as an active member of CharIN and participant and presenter at ISO 15118 testing symposiums around the world. He is on the steering committee of LGBT Diversity & Community Outreach for Hubject. Mr. Mr. Sidles is comfortable in German, Romanian and French languages.

Speaking at:

MBS 2019 – Electric Vehicles, Infrastructure, and the Battery: Change is Happening…Fast!