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HOT TOPICS 10/18/2021 – 10/22/2021


EV Investments

Carla’s thoughts:

There has been quite a series of large-dollar announcements by the automakers in the electrification arena. With this level of investment, there is much risk and much to be gained. The developments with the Bolt case are interesting. The case makes one pause to wonder if the current indication by the automakers to have battery supply all done in-house will continue. This situation is reminiscent of the old days when each automaker had its own powertrain division and competed on this basis. Also, back in the day, customers truly cared about the engine/transmission under their hood. Only recently have automakers started to share powertrain components but at a minimal level. Will batteries have the same draw for the customer? Will they care about the battery brand or more about the battery range and durability? If so, should each automaker invest separately, or should they band together to develop this commodity, saving research dollars? Time will tell the answer as we see automakers moving in-house, partnering, and simply purchasing batteries.


Vehicle Safety

Carla’s thoughts:

First of all, it is good to see a head of NHTSA named at last. This position is crucial for the automotive industry, and NHTSA needs to take the lead on several regulatory issues surrounding ADAS and automated vehicles. Even though the technology is increasing rapidly, NHTSA must start working diligently with industry to create the standards/regulations/policies to harmonize a number of protocols for the safety of intelligent vehicles.  NHTSA will only steer this technology ship properly with a strong leader at the helm.

It is anticipated that NHTSA will begin to scrutinize several incidents with new technologies even more carefully in the coming months. There has been public outcry about these incidents, which have occurred with seemingly little reaction. Granted, this outcry is just a few from the public perception, which is probably not 100% true. Nonetheless, it is time for NHTSA to be energized to understand the data, determine where gaps in regulation exist, and take action. 

We anticipate that NHTSA will be releasing several proposed rulemaking documents. I’d like to remind everyone that we need to review these and provide our comments to guide the agency based on industry needs.





Carla Bailo

Carla Bailo

President & CEO

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