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HOT TOPICS 6/6/2022 – 6/10/2022


EV Charging

Carla’s thoughts:

The charging standards announcement by the Biden Administration are sorely needed to gain customer acceptance of EVs. Lack of charging infrastructure and maintenance are key complaints in this demographic. Also, due to the variety of charging plugs, the exact specifications must be clear on the charger.

But, I do caution on the point of distance between charging stations. This distance may be nonsensical, and it probably makes sense to understand the customer demographics and EV buyer density to determine the number and density of stations. We need to understand who is buying EVs and where they are regularly driving – we have that data and can make an excellent analysis. This analysis will allow us to deploy these stations at the right place for the right user. Let’s use data to make intelligent decisions here. As we know, gas stations are far from being equally spaced, which was done very purposefully (although I know driving in rural areas with low fuel in the morning can be very upsetting).

Further, we need to have cloud infrastructure communications between the charging infrastructure and the vehicle that directs a user to the charging station, makes a reservation for them, confirms it is operable, and more to ease the angst for the EV user. It must be seamless for them to transition to an EV experience from an internal combustion engine experience. Seamless, friendly, and stress-free…sounds great, huh?

Lastly, we need solutions for MUDs (multi-unit dwellings) and urban dwellers. I see extension cords running from houses to street parking (over sidewalks) in many urban areas – this isn’t sustainable. Let’s consider how we can use dollars to fix this situation, as urban dwellers are the most likely candidates for an EV purchase or lease.





Carla Bailo

Carla Bailo

President & CEO

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