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HOT TOPICS 7/25/2022 – 7/29/2022


Chip Shortage

Carla’s thoughts:

As we saw in the June sales results and the quarterly earnings reports, the chip shortage continues to plague our industry. As such, CAR and many other groups applaud the passing of the “CHIPS Act.” Personally, I want to thank all those in the legislature who worked tirelessly to make this happen.

Now, this won’t cause the semiconductor shortage to disappear overnight, and several caveats go along with receiving the money to establish facilities here in the US, but this is undoubtedly a huge step in the right direction. Further, the funds allocated for research are vital for the US to retain leadership in this critical element of nearly all devices manufactured today and our defense products.

As we’ll discuss at the CAR MBS session next week, the semiconductor industry is seeing softening demand for chips for personal devices, helping the automotive sector recover. Many automakers predict that their year-end guidance will be maintained with the 2nd half recovery. Some are more optimistic than others, but all are on this path. Many other issues may change this prediction, so CAR will follow this closely.

More on this to come next week at CAR MBS 2022, as CAR Affiliate SEMI will take the main stage to discuss: “Shaping the Future of the Auto and Chip Supply Chains – A Call for Collaboration.” Get access to this panel live stream and more by securing your virtual registration HERE>>>





Carla Bailo

Carla Bailo

President & CEO

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