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HOT TOPICS 1/3/2022 – 1/7/2022


CES 2022

Carla’s thoughts:

Having just returned from CES, I can easily say that this was not a typical CES by far. The attendance was much sparser than usual, but this led to more ability to see booths and displays and participate in interactive displays (such as the digital twin at the Dassault booth). It was possible to engage in real-time conversations and learn more about the technology and products on display. 

There were two main themes in my view, electrification in automotive and using technology to improve, maintain, and predict health. We are seeing the merging of verticals more than ever in the technology being deployed. The same technology to image HVAC comfort is being used for health monitoring. The data and data analytics behind this technology is critical to making the right decisions. Data is truly the key to all these breakthroughs.

Sensor growth and smart devices continue to grow exponentially, exacerbating the semiconductor shortage until we meet demand and growth. Next, we need to carefully conduct risk analysis for impact to raw materials, environment, etc.


Autonomous Technology

Carla’s thoughts:

At CES, multiple LIDAR companies displayed their technology and are moving fast to a solid state. This advancement will help to propel autonomous capabilities. Frankly, I believe we will see autonomy first in semi-trucks and delivery vehicles as there is a serious supply chain risk due to workforce shortages which will not be remedied anytime soon. 

Safety is still the key driver to autonomous vehicles as there are still far too many crashes on our roadways. It will still take much more artificial intelligence, machine learning, edge computing, etc. to make this a reality. But, the components needed are quickly coming down in price and getting much better in terms of performance, and this intelligence will help to spur progress. 





Carla Bailo

Carla Bailo

President & CEO

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