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HOT TOPICS 4/11/2022 – 4/15/2022


Q1 Auto Sales

Carla’s thoughts:

We are seeing problems converge in the sales volume reports. First, there are still too few vehicles available for purchase on dealer lots. Most companies are talking about a 30ish day supply where optimal is 60ish. This inventory problem is combined with inflation and wages that aren’t keeping up with inflation. The average American household has seen grocery expenses increase by $250-$300/month. The rise in living costs may negate being able to afford a new car.

This issue is further compounded by rising interest rates, long-term loans, and loan defaults. Consumer auto loan debt is now at its highest level in 10 years. Loan defaults are increasing. On the other hand, car prices are at the highest they’ve ever been, which puts a new vehicle (or a used vehicle) out of reach for the average American household.

I strongly recommend dealers consider the long-term loyalty impacts of the new “non-negotiable” stance and the consumer being totally upside down in a loan situation. This situation doesn’t bode well for long-term sustainability. Just because you can ask over an invoice doesn’t mean you should.

Next, let’s offer some “vehicle usership” options at a reasonable price. Affordability is a concern that can’t be ignored, but mobility provides ladders of opportunity to jobs, health care, and education. If you want your economic engine to grow as a society, you must have mobility for all!


New EVs and Investments

Carla’s thoughts:

Investments keep being announced by all automakers for the EV surge, and this won’t change UNLESS vehicle sales continue to plummet and profits are impacted. A decrease in sales and profits may slow the spending on EVs and CAVs. Fortunately, the automakers all have healthy balance sheets these days and some of the healthiest free cash flow and bank credit lines in recent history. Their financial position bodes well for continued investment in our electrified future.

Combined with NHTSA’s latest CAFE regulation, the electrification push will continue to grow. This growth includes more than just EVs. Hybrids, fuel cells, and plug-ins are all part of the solution. Automakers need not put all their eggs in one basket, but consider consumer demand and be very cognizant of this.





Carla Bailo

Carla Bailo

President & CEO

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