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The Price of Ownership:


Alan’s thoughts:

Are EVs just for the affluentIf the US is serious about reducing CO2 emissions from vehicles, EVs need to be affordableWe’re in a strange period of time coming out of a pandemic, rebuilding (or rethinking) supply chains, migrating to new propulsion technology, and addressing sustainability concernsThat’s taking on a lot of challenges concurrentlyBeing a low-cost producer is paramount to profitability, and it will be difficult to get the necessary scale if EVs remain out of reach for all but the rich. 


The Road to Self-Driving Vehicles: 


Alan’s thoughts:

Will AVs be safer than human-driven vehicles? That’s the point of handing over the driving tasks to a supercomputer-armed, sensorladen vehicleOtherwise, why bother? We are not there yet, and it may be another ten years before consumers can purchase their own level 4/5 capable vehicleIn the meantime, watch the industry develop the capability to meet or exceed the safety performance of human-driven vehiclesThe industry is working toward a safer transportation future, brought to you by bright, innovative engineers. 


Global Market:  


Alan’s thoughts:

Before we start a conversation about the rebirth of globalism, we need to consider the US market. It’s big, and automakers around the globe want a piece of itAnd if the price of entry is constructing a local assembly plant that brings along goodpaying jobs, so be it. In the long run, this could be a feast for consumers, with competition driving down prices while bringing a broad selection of choices to potential car buyersThis scenario suggests the importance of being a lowcost producer if vehicles are to be affordable and profitable. 


Carla Bailo

Alan Amici

President & CEO

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