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Mining for Materials:


Alan’s thoughts:

Add graphite to the list of critical minerals, along with lithium, cobalt, and nickel, that are central to EV battery production. Meanwhile, countries are taking stock of their natural resources for economic and national security reasons. OEMs find themselves in an unusual position of having to invest in raw materials and associated processes to secure access to critical minerals. 


Bipartisan Infrastructure Law: Industrial Assessment Centers Program


Alan’s thoughts:

A recent DOE initiative seeks to create Industry Assessment Centers (IAC) to support the US government’s approach to strengthening domestic manufacturing. We must not lose sight of the importance of having a trained and knowledgeable workforce to support the growing EV industry. Adding people to the equation of rebuilding the US manufacturing base is essential to remain competitive in the global marketplace.  


EV Safety Concerns:


Alan’s thoughts:

EVs are heavy. Some are as much as 1000kg heavier than their ICE counterparts affecting range, tire wear, crash performance and driving dynamics. Weight also impacts road surfaces and static structures such as parking garages. Perhaps the parking capacity of existing garages will be governed less by space than by weight. 

EVs present many design challenges, such as range, charge time, and cost. But one of the most critical aspects of EV design is battery safety. The industry must continue improving the robustness of battery designs to reduce the likelihood and severity of fires. 



Carla Bailo

Alan Amici

President & CEO

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