The coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19) has spread now to South Korea, Europe, and the Middle East, even as the number of reported cases in China are steadily declining. The Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped sharply on 24 February 2020 as news of the spread of the disease came out over the previous weekend. On January 25, the CDC encouraged businesses, hospitals, communities to prepare for the possible spread of COVID-19 in the United States. The North American impact of the supply chain disruption may still be a few weeks out. Additionally, the disruption may impact parts and components sourced from other countries, and each level of the supply chain has an inventory that may serve to buffer and further delay production interruptions in North America.

On Friday, March 6, in a CAR Affiliates’ webinar, CAR’s vice president of research, Kristin Dziczek, CEO, ZoZo Go, Michael Dunne, and Founder and CEO of Complete Manufacturing and Distribution, Paul Stepanek, discussed the potential impacts of coronavirus on the automotive industry.

Coronavirus Update: Disruption and the Impact to the Auto Industry​

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