International Scan of Connected and Automated Vehicle Technology Deployment Efforts
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Connected and automated vehicle (CAV) technology development is now a global phenomenon. In just the last few years, research and pilot projects have proliferated rapidly across the world. Still, while research and development projects have become practically countless, operational deployment of CAV technology remains rare. Only a fraction of recently developed technology is available to real-world drivers. Automated driving systems (defined as SAE levels 3-5) have thus far been publically deployed only in strictly controlled environments and experimental test pilots. Connected vehicle systems are increasingly used for fleet management and infotainment, but the life-saving potential of connected vehicles through cooperative intelligent transportation systems (C-ITS) has scarcely been tapped.

Considering the complexity of transportation systems, vehicle manufacturers cannot deploy many transformational technologies on their own. Bringing advanced connected and automated vehicle technology to our public roads requires coordination with public agencies at various levels of government. This report documents the most significant projects of 2016 in which public-private partnerships worked together to advance the state of connected and automated vehicle technologies through real-world testing and deployment.

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