Data driven digital platforms for automotive transformation – Whitepaper
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It is almost cliché that the automotive industry is undergoing transformational change. Perhaps not since the Model T first revolutionized the industry has so much change come so quickly. Driving this evolution is the unstoppable momentum of a Connected, Automated, Shared, and Electrified (CASE) driven digital transformation, which is upending established norms and re-imagining the industry from the inside out. Linear, product-focused business models built on structured data are being replaced by collaborative, data-driven business ecosystems incorporating a broad group of traditional and non-traditional stakeholders and data types. The new value creation frontier is a differentiated, highly-curated, personalized customer experience.

Two key initiatives in this transformation are smart manufacturing/Industry 4.0 and the emphasis on increased collaboration between stakeholders. Critical to this transformation is the ability to eliminate organizational data silos and mine this rich and diverse data stream to derive the next-generation insights to support effective decision-making and innovation at scale. Data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) are key technologies that provide the tools to achieve these objectives.

From an operational perspective, monolithic legacy enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are being reimagined as smart, contextual, and agile digital innovation and collaboration platforms, consisting of a core industry-specific, cloud-based ERP combined with a strategic integration platform for supplemental applications. This modular architecture provides the vital agility, visibility, and scalability capabilities essential for automotive companies to compete and thrive in an ever-evolving environment.

This paper will explore these themes in greater detail. One thing, however, is very clear: Inaction is not a reasonable option. Success in the automotive industry requires next-generation insights delivered through cloud-enabled digital transformation.

Are your organization and technology architecture equipped for success in this new era?

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