CAR Research Memorandum: Economic Contribution of General Motors’ Orion Assembly, Pontiac Metal Stamping, and Spring Hill Assembly Manufacturing Plants
Full Description:

General Motors’ decision to restart three idled manufacturing plants in the United States not only offset the company’s captive imports of small cars and cross-utility vehicles, but also added just over 3,000 direct jobs at the company in 2013. The UAW-GM agreement to restart production at these three plants in 2011 and 2012 also supported nearly 35,600 additional indirect and spin-off jobs in the U.S. economy (38,600). Further, employment at the three manufacturing facilities is forecast to grow more than 11 percent in 2014, yielding an estimated total employment impact of 39,700 in the current calendar year. These results are included in the following research memorandum that quantifies the economic contribution of GM’s manufacturing activity at three plants located in Michigan and Tennessee. The memorandum is part one of a two-part analysis of the economic contribution of General Motors in the United States and the ten U.S. states in which the company manufactures vehicles, parts, and components. The results are final for the current data provided for the three plants included in this analysis.