New Research Released @ CAR MBS – Mobility / Lightweighting / Mexico

CAR Releases Three Reports at the CAR Management Briefing Seminars

Traverse City, Mich., August 1, 2016 — The Center for Automotive Research released three new studies at the 2016 CAR Management Briefing Seminars.   “I’m excited to announce the release of three studies – one by each of our CAR research teams” said Dave Andrea, CAR’s Executive Vice President of Research.  “The studies address new mobility services, next generation lightweighting, and the role of Mexico in the North American auto industry.”

The Impact of New Mobility Services on the Automotive Industry

The rise of new mobility services (NMS) is part of a bigger and long-term gradual evolution of transportation preferences toward on-demand shared mobility in a multimodal system.  CAR researchers have conducted an investigation with a focus on how these services are likely to impact the automotive industry.  Carsharing, ridehailing, ridesharing, microtransit, bikesharing, and mobility-as-a-service are among the most noteworthy, each with its own business model.  The report describes these transportation solutions enabled by emerging technologies and wireless connectivity as allowing for more convenient, efficient, and flexible travel, and examines impacts such as changing travel behavior and analyzes the effect on the traditional automotive industry. Download the Report>>>

Mixed Materials Solutions:  Alternative Materials for Door Assemblies

Collaboration demonstrates up to 65% weight savings compared to baseline design.

The Coalition for Automotive Lightweighting Materials (CALM) reports out a co-development demonstration project focused on mixed-material lightweighting solutions.  Collaborative contributions of more than twenty supplier companies offer a dozen integrated solutions deploying a mix of materials and technologies allowing weight reduction up to 65% weight savings compared to the baseline design.  Every technology and process included in the project is available and ready for deployment in the design of new vehicles and these results will be presented individually to various automakers.    Download the Report>>>

The Growing Role of Mexico in the North American Automotive Industry – Trends, Drivers and Forecasts

Mexican auto assembly capacity is projected to more than double between 2010 and 2020.  This rapid growth is fuel by the investment infusion of $13.3 billion to move 3.3 million units of vehicle capacity from Japan, Germany, and South Korea to Mexico.  This report highlights North American vehicle production trends, and demonstrates that while automakers and suppliers are attracted by Mexico’s low labor rates, there are many other factors behind Mexico’s North American automotive industry growth.  Combined with lower labor costs, Mexico’s unique free trade position provides a significant competitive edge.  While Mexican production volume growth is expected to slow U.S. and Canadian supplier growth will continue driven by the integrated North American supply chain.    Download the Report>>>

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