Shaun Westbrook

Principal HMI Lead

American Honda Motor Co., Inc.

Shaun Westbrook is a principal human-machine interface (HMI) lead at Honda. In this role, Westbrook focuses on pioneering advances in HMI and future user experiences for both Honda and Acura products.

Westbrook also is responsible for researching future hardware and software computer interactions such as brain-machine interfaces for safety systems and other emerging human-to-software communication.

Westbrook has earned inventor patents in interface technologies, risk model assessment systems for autonomous vehicles, and has presented his work at CES, CES Asia, Harvard University, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), AutoMobility LA, and NAIAS, covering such areas as human mobility, consumer electronics, and artificial intelligence.

Before joining Honda, Westbrook developed a background in designing user experiences for mobile apps, living room devices, autonomous cabin infotainment systems, and creative advertising.

Westbrook holds a Bachelor of Arts in Design | Media Arts from UCLA.

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