CAR Management Briefing Seminars  |  August 4-5

Automotive Outlook

August 5  |  2:55 – 3:50 PM

After a strong sales and production rebound from the COVID-19 crisis and recession, the market remains tight, and output remains constrained by supply chain and operational factors. This discussion with leading automotive and economic forecasters will delve into the core issues driving global and North American sales and production trends and provide views of 2021 performance as well as the outlook for 2022.


Stephanie Brinley  |  Principal Analyst, Americas, IHS Markit

Colin Langan  |  Automotive and Mobility Analyst, Wells Fargo

Jeff Schuster  |  President, Global Forecasting, LMC Automotive


Kristin Dziczek  |   Senior Vice President, Research, Center for Automotive Research