CAR Management Briefing Seminars

August 2-4, 2022

Shaping the Future of the Auto and Chip Supply Chains – A Call for Collaboration – Sponsored by SEMI

August 4  |  9:00 AM

The disruptions in the automotive industry due to a shortage in microelectronics have plagued the sector for over two years now. While at times a path back to normal seems to be within grasp, temporary factory closures and sales impacts caused by constrained chip supply continue virtually unabatedly. Some experts caution that it might take yet another two years until those disruptions will be fully resolved.

Many articles and panel discussions have focused on what caused the current chip shortage. This power session aims at taking a forward-looking perspective to examine lessons learned and collectively prepare for what might lie ahead. Experts from the automotive and semiconductor manufacturing supply chains will explore questions like:

  • What has already changed at the supply chain intersection? What still needs to be done?
  • How do we manage the available fab capacity most effectively and avoid stockpiling and double-/triple-ordering?
  • How can supply chain participants work together to increase transparency in inventory management and supply/demand management?
  • How does the increased electronics demand for automation, electrification, and connectivity fit with the anticipated semiconductor supply, and how do we proactively and collaboratively anticipate – rather than react to – future supply constraints?
  • What role should automotive and semiconductor associations play to provide the necessary platforms and forums for these critical discussions to occur?


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