CAR Management Briefing Seminars

August 2-4, 2022

Making Automotive Work Meaningful in the Age of Gen Z

August 3  |  11:25 AM

It’s possible no aspect of work life has faced such rapid change as company culture and its impact on workforce. In the age of COVID and The Great Resignation, companies are rapidly evolving to meet their talent requirements. Meanwhile, Gen Z workers are entering the workforce with new expectations driven by their values. In this fireside chat, the conversation will cover the changes organizations and their leaders are making to make automotive a career place of choice.


Aruna Anand  |  Head of Architecture and Networking, Continental North America

Lottie Holland  |  Head of Diversity, Inclusion & Engagement, Stellantis

Cayla Tucker  |  Test & Validation Lead Engineer for Autonomous Mobility, Continental Automotive Systems Inc.


Carla Bailo  |  President and CEO, CAR