CAR Management Briefing Seminars

August 2-4, 2022

Diversity and Social Sustainability, the Competitive Advantage of the Future

August 2  |  3:05 PM

To be considered an employer of choice, DEI assertions and actions are being demanded by all. This panel will examine why DEI assertions are vital and how you can visualize internal behaviors that must be removed. DEI is a critical issue that will require diligence and strict “top-down” clarity in every organization.


Alissa Cleland  |  Vice President Communications and Government Affairs, Bosch

Sarah Eckersley, Ph.D.  |  Vice President of R&D, Industrial Intermediates & Infrastructure , Dow

Kara Grasso  |  Global Strategy Director Advanced Mobility, DuPont

Selika Josiah Talbott, J.D.  |  Founder & CEO, Autonomous Vehicle Consulting, LLC


Dexter Sullivan  |  Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Allyship, Lambert