CAR Management Briefing Seminars

August 2-4, 2022

2023: A Return to Trend?:

August 3  |  1:45 PM

Forecasting anything through the pandemic and the wave of supply chain disruptions has been challenging, at best. Forecasting automotive production and sales has been even more difficult. Will chip supply stabilize and production return to normal this year? Will consumer demand remain strong? Will automotive retailing shift to build to order? This panel will answer these questions and many more.


Michelle Krebs  |  Executive Analyst, Cox Automotive

Jeff Schuster  |  President, Global Forecasting, LMC Automotive

Eric Wilds  |  Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Magna International Inc.


Bernard Swiecki  |  Director, Automotive Communities Partnership (ACP) and Director, Research, Center for Automotive Research