Automotive Industry Hot Topics with CAR President and CEO, Alan Amici –  (11/0/2023)

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Supply Chain & Manufacturing: 

“If you can’t beat them, buy them”


Alan’s thoughts:

Supply chain management has become a key element of corporate strategy. Much more than a component of “operations, it now drives strategic decisionmaking. For automakers, substantial investments are underway in crucial mineral mining for battery production and new technology for component castings. For energy providers like Exxon Mobil, investment in lithium processing signals a shift from drilling to mining. While this shift may not necessarily signify a revival of Henry Ford’s Rouge Plant’s vertical integration, it undeniably underscores that supply chain management is now far beyond a mere procurement function. 


UAW Ratification & Aftereffects:


Alan’s thoughts:

Contract ratification results are in, and it appears the UAW rank and file have approved the terms negotiated in October. Approval margins were thin at GM with larger margins at Stellantis and Ford. Next up for the UAW: Toyota, Honda, Tesla, and other non-represented plants. The road ahead for the UAW to increase its membership will be challenging as Toyota and Honda have recently increased wages in an anticipatory move. Expect other companies to follow suit. 


Pedestrian & Road Safety: 


Alan’s thoughts:

AVs from Cruise have suspended operations due to safety concerns amplified by a recent pedestrian incident. Blunt-nosed trucks and SUVs are more deadly to pedestrians than their passenger car cousins. Pedestrian safety is gaining attention in the US and other countries. Saving lives remains a priority whether in-vehicle or to vulnerable road users (VRU). We need to redouble our efforts to protect our citizens. Approaches may include the use of cellular networks, V2X technology, roadway architecture, and vehicle design. Reducing vehicle-related deaths should be the collective goal of public and private organizations and drive our policy and funding agendas. 



Carla Bailo

Alan Amici

President & CEO

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