Advanced Powertrain Thought Leadership Roundtable Program

Powertrain technology and regulation are rapidly evolving—yet powertrain suppliers do not necessarily have the resources to adequately monitor this changing landscape. CAR facilitates an open discussion via regular roundtable meetings of our Powertrain working group focused on non-proprietary and non-competitive topics as they pertain to understanding fuel economy and emissions regulations, identifying gaps and opportunities in the future of Powertrain Technologies, Alternative Fuels, Policy (emissions, fuel economy, GHG), and better understanding Powertrain Pathways and how customers will react to current and future regulations.

Emerging Powertrain Priority Topics:

  • Fuel Economy/Emissions Regulations
  • Technology Pathways
  • Mid-term review for 2025 regulations
  • Consumer Acceptance
  • Alternative Fuels Infrastructure
  • Workforce Development

Participating CAR Affiliate Powertrain Technology Suppliers:

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