58th Annual CAR Management Briefing Seminars

August 1-3, 2023  |  Grand Traverse Resort

Don’t miss out on one of the most anticipated events of the year for the automotive industry! The Management Briefing Seminars (MBS) is back and better than ever, offering unparalleled insights from industry experts and leaders. Join us for informative sessions and networking opportunities with some of the biggest names and companies in the business. Don’t wait to register – secure your spot today and stay ahead of the curve in this rapidly evolving industry.

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02/09/2023 – How to Successfully Manage the Transition to Electrification

10/20/2022 – The Economic Impacts of International Automakers in America

8/29/2022 – Exploring the Future of Innovation with Toyota Ventures

5/25/2022 – Engaging the Data Driven Edge

5/2/2022 – Modeling and Virtual Twin Simulation to Ease Collaboration in Automotive Industry

4/27/2022 – Smart Urban Mobility: See Who’s Really Driving

4/22/2022 – Altair Enlighten Award Webinar Series: Green Goals Driving the Automotive Industry’s New Era of Sustainability (Recording Coming Soon)

4/6/2022 – Two Demands for Semiconductor Design Expertise

3/30/2022 – Altair Enlighten Award Webinar Series: The Heavy Impact of Lightweighting – A Roundtable Discussion

3/23/2022 – The Software-Defined Vehicle: Key Drivers, Technologies, and Open Source Initiatives – Sponsored by Red Hat

2/16/2022 – Keeping the “driver” in driver assistance systems

10/28/21 – Successfully Navigating Supply Chain Disruptions – Sponsored by PwC

10/21/21 – The Five Keys to Transforming Data Architectures for the Automotive Market

9/22/21 – Paintline Operating Efficiencies with PPG OPTIMA SOLUTIONS™

6/29/21 – Future Connectivity & In-Vehicle Cybersecurity: Know Your Rights

6/16/21 – Space Resilience for Automakers

6/9/21 – Bridging the Gap to Safe Autonomous Systems

4/22/21 – Sustainability: Emerging Technologies and Processes – An Enlighten Award Webinar

4/15/21 – Modern Mobility: Do the facts and media agree?

4/14/21 – Altair Enlighten Award Webinar Series – Full Vehicle, and Module Lightweighting

4/7/21 – Women in the Workforce – How COVID-19 Exposed Workforce Inequality and What Leaders Should Do About It

3/24/21 – Altair Enlighten Award Webinar Series – Lightweighting Enabling Technology, and Future of Lightweighting

2/25/21 – Steel Battery Enclosure Design for Electric Vehicles

2/18/21 – Polymer Composite Battery Enclosure Design for Electric Vehicles

2/11/21 – Aluminum Battery Enclosure Design for Electric Vehicles

2/4/21 – Electric vehicle infrastructure a new mindset – Sponsored by PwC

The CAR Podcast

Join Center for Automotive Research researchers, subject matter experts, and guests as they discuss the latest news from the automotive industry.

Adopting the Changes from ICE to ACE Ride Sharing Vehicles – Featuring Carter Lloyds of QAD

CAR Research Fellow Brett Smith is joined by QAD Chief Marketing Officer Carter Lloyds. Brett and Carter discuss the rapid growth of the EV industry in the last 2-3 years both in terms of consumer acceptance and investment of the industry. They take a closer look at how manufactures can adopt changes from ICE to ACE Ride Sharing Vehicles and leverage the disruption for competitive advantage.



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