Where is the Talent?

Tuesday – 1pm – 3pm

As materials, processes and tooling become more complex, the demand for a highly skilled workforce becomes even more critical.  How does the U.S. address this work skill need when fewer people are attracted to this sector of the industry? What talent development models work to produce the number of apprentices needed and how can the U.S. motivate a stronger pipeline of talent? The Talent session at T3 will address these questions and more.


Kristin Dziczek
Director, Industry, Labor, & Economics Group, Center for Automotive Research
Presentation – Download PDF


Dr. David E. Cole
Chair, AutoHarvest
Chairman Emeritus, Center for Automotive Research
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Jim Evangelista
Director, CORE, Advanced Engineering, and Laboratory Services, Shiloh Industries

Dr. Susan Helper
Carlton Professor of Economics, Case Western University,
former Chief Economist for the U.S. Department of Commerce
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James Jacobs, Ph.D.
President, Macomb Community College

Denise Dorigo Jones
Director of Human Resources, United States and Canada, Nemak

*Additional speakers invited.