Challenges Ahead of Us | New Materials & New Tools

Monday – 9am – 12pm

The Materials & Tooling session will review the increasing pace and motivation behind changing materials in the automobile and the impact this is having on the tooling and work skill needs of the industry.  Automotive industry demand for lighter and stronger materials is leading to advancements in high strength steel, aluminum, and composites resulting in new techniques for engineering, new tooling for fabrication and assembly, and advanced joining technologies. Challenges to this value chain include not only material development and process changes but importantly the skilled trades gap.


John Catterall
Executive Director, Auto/Steel Partnership
Presentation – Download PDF

Birgit M. Klohs
President & CEO, The Right Place

Sandra McClelland
Automotive Chair, American Chemistry Council Plastics Division
Business Development,
Solvay Specialty Polymers
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Dave Murray
Deputy Director for Communications, Michigan Department of Talent and Economic Development
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Doug Richman
Technical Committee Chairman, The Aluminum Association’s Aluminum Transportation Group
Vice President of Engineering and Technology,
Kaiser Aluminum
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Alan Whitted
Global Head of Press Shops & Dies and President, Autodie, Inc., FCA US
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*Additional speakers invited.