The Center for Automotive Research is involved in the research of significant issues that relate to the future direction of the global automotive industry. As a nonprofit research organization, and in cooperation with study funders, most CAR research is released publicly through this website.

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CAR Research Memorandum: Economic Contribution of General Motors’ Orion Assembly, Pontiac Metal Stamping, and Spring Hill Assembly Manufacturing Plants

General Motors’ decision to restart three idled manufacturing plants in the United States not only offset the company’s captive imports of small cars and cross-utility vehicles, but also added just over 3,000 direct jobs at the company in 2013. The UAW-GM agreement to restart production at these three plants in…

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Just How High-Tech is the Automotive Industry?

This report, supported by the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, measures the technological nature of today’s auto industry and compares it to other sectors of the economy often viewed as technologically advanced. Products manufactured by the automotive industry are among the most technologically sophisticated available to the general public. The vehicles…

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CAR Research Memorandum: The Effect on the U.S. Economy of the Successful Restructuring of General Motors

CAR has released a new study estimating the effect on the U.S. economy of the successful restructuring of General Motors. This research memorandum estimates the value to the U.S. economy of the federal government’s intervention to prevent the failure of GM and Chrysler at the beginning of 2009. CAR previously…

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Financing the Infrastructure to Support Alternative Fuel Vehicles

Countries around the world have implemented regulatory requirements to improve fuel economy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles. These regulations encourage automakers to sell alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs), which use fuels such as natural gas, electricity, hydrogen, and biofuels. Automakers are already making investments in developing and manufacturing AFVs….

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Economic Contribution of the Ford Motor Company Michigan Assembly Plant to the Michigan Economy

Michigan has a rich legacy of automotive assets that are a bedrock of the state’s economy. This report examines the extensive supply chain that supports one assembly plant – Ford’s Michigan Assembly Plant (MAP) in Wayne County, Michigan. This plant employs 5,000 people building the latest in fuel efficient vehicles,…

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After the Bailout: Future Prospects for the U.S. Auto Industry

CAR’s new industry outlook provides a detailed forecast for the U.S. motor vehicle and parts manufacturing industry, including forecasts on U.S. automotive sales, production and employment. The report discusses the growth prospects of the U.S. industry including the industry’s potential for adding to the growth of the overall U.S. economy….

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The Effects a U.S. Free Trade Agreement with Japan would have on the U.S. Automotive Industry

Automotive trade has always been an important aspect of the United States and Japanese trading relationship. The value of Japanese manufactured vehicle exports and related parts to the United States peaked most recently at nearly $60 billion in 2006. Due to the unbalanced nature of automotive trade between the two…

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Analysis of the Economic Contribution of Constructing the New International Trade Crossing: A New Bridge Linking Detroit and Windsor

Ontario. In this study, CAR estimates the employment and economic contributions that will accrue to the region as a result of adding a second bridge. The construction of this bridge will provide an estimated 12,000 jobs per year for each of the four years of the construction phase, and once…

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Repurposing Former Automotive Manufacturing Sites in the Midwest

The Midwest, as the traditional core of the U.S. automotive industry, has seen many auto plant closures over the years. The number of shuttered facilities in this region, specifically Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana, vastly outpaces those in other parts of the country. Simultaneously, the economy has been disproportionately impacted by…

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Assessment of Tax Revenue Generated by the Automotive Sector

This study describes the financial contribution of the motor vehicle industry in supporting federal and state governments through tax revenues, and also examines multiple instruments that generate tax revenues at various points in the automotive product lifecycle. Examples are the sales taxes collected when vehicles are purchased; income taxes paid…

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