The Center for Automotive Research is involved in the research of significant issues that relate to the future direction of the global automotive industry. As a nonprofit research organization, and in cooperation with study funders, most CAR research is released publicly through this website.

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The Growing Role of Mexico in the North American Automotive Industry – Trends, Drivers and Forecasts

Mexican auto assembly capacity is projected to more than double between 2010 and 2020. This rapid growth is fuel by the investment infusion of $13.3 billion to move 3.3 million units of vehicle capacity from Japan, Germany, and South Korea to Mexico. This report highlights North American vehicle production trends,…

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Potential Cost Savings and Additional Benefits of Convergence of Safety Regulations between the United States and the European Union

This report examines the costs of divergent safety regulations in the United States and the European Union and highlights the economic impacts of having two different regulatory regimes. With the shift to a to a global-vehicle strategy by most automotive manufacturers, differences in safety regulations in the United States and…

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Contribution of New-Car Dealerships to the Economies of All 50 States and the United States

New-car dealerships are found in nearly every community across the country, and are well-known for supporting their local areas through funding for children’s sporting events, local charities, and even assisting with the sale of Girl Scout cookies. Though some may overlook the largeness and importance of this industry, auto dealerships…

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Contribution of General Motors’ Manufacturing Plants to the Economies of Ten States and the United States in 2013 and 2014

General Motors’ U.S. manufacturing plants employed an estimated 51,600 direct hourly and salaried employees in 2014, which directly contributed to the creation of another 431,300 private sector jobs, $36.2 billion in annual compensation, and over $5.3 billion in personal tax revenues. In this report, the authors examine the economic contribution…

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Contribution of the Automotive Industry to the Economies of All Fifty States and the United States

Six years after the worst recession since the 1930s, the American economy is demonstrating many signs of strengthening, and the auto industry is helping drive that recovery. Despite recent economic hardships, auto manufacturers, suppliers, and dealers employ over 1.5 million people and directly contribute to the creation of another 5.7…

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Assessment of Tax Revenue Generated by the Automotive Sector for the Year 2013

This CAR study demonstrates that the U.S. automotive sector has a large impact throughout the nation and provides support to state and federal governments in the form of taxes and fees collected from sales, employees, drivers, and the auto companies themselves. In 2013, the manufacture, sale, and use of motor…

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Accelerating the Growth of the U.S. Automotive Manufacturing Industry at Home, Rather than Abroad

This CAR research initiative examines the critical success factors necessary for continued global automotive investment growth within the southern U.S. automotive manufacturing region. The states funding the effort include Alabama, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Tennessee, which are referred to in this study as the Southern Automotive Research Alliance…

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The Impact of Federal Regulations on Franchised Automobile Dealers

At the request of the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA), the Center for Automotive Research (CAR) examined the economic costs of U.S. light vehicle dealerships’ federal regulatory compliance. This study examined only the costs incurred by U.S. light vehicle dealerships to comply with a group of roughly 60 federal regulations,…

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CAR Research Memorandum: The Effect on the U.S. Economy of the Successful Restructuring of General Motors – An Update

CAR has released an update to the initial “CAR Research Memorandum: The Effect on the U.S. Economy of the Successful Restructuring of General Motors.” The first version of the study was released in December 2013 and estimates the effect on the U.S. economy of the successful restructuring of General Motors….

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Advanced Information Technology Solutions: An Engine of Innovation

The Center for Automotive Research (CAR) developed this white paper to identify the key market drivers that influence the use of automotive IT solutions, investigate new tools and approaches to IT that address these market drivers, and to evaluate information technology’s potential impact on the automotive industry. CAR’s research included…

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