Estimating the New Automotive Value Chain

The automotive value chain is comprised of one of the largest sets of interconnected markets in the U.S. economy. We define the automotive value chain as the accumulated value produced by companies that sell components,

This study was prepared for Accenture.

Michigan: The High-Technology Automotive State

There is no fixed “official” definition for the concept of high tech. At different times various organizations and individuals have issued such labels as the “new category,” “information age,” “Internet economy,” “ economy,” “web economy,” “silicon states,” or cyber-states,” and so on.

This report was prepared for the Michigan Economic Development Corporation

What Wall Street Wants…From the Auto Industry

The ownership shares of a majority of major automotive firms have been publicly traded for many years. As a result, the managers of public automotive firms are committed to the goal of maximizing shareholder value through growth in earnings and/or providing the highest possible rate of return on invested capital.

A study prepared by the Center for Automotive Research for Accenture.